STB #1 – What’s a Greybeard?

So, What’s a Greybeard you ask?

Is it spelled Greybeard or Graybeard? It depends on who you ask. Let the flamewars begin…….

A Greybeard is an experienced engineer, developer, programmer. Really it’s anyone with deep domain knowledge and experience in a subject. In the UNIX world they were the guys that knew the system inside out, had been with the system forever and as they gained time and experience their beards grew longer and grayer. They are the guy that knows the little detail that resolves an issue while everyone else is baffled.  They are the guys that know the exact tongue angle required to bring the system into alignment, they know the precise location to apply a little percussive maintenance to breath life back into the system. They are the guys that know the backdoor to allow the system to be brought back into control when all hope seems lost.

Whatever your passion find yourself a Greybeard in that arena, bring beer as an offering, befriend them and learn, observe and enjoy. Greybeards have the stories, the knowledge, the experience, the insight and hopefully the inclination to share it with those who bring beer, say hello and listen.

Am I a Greybeard? Perhaps, time will tell. Bring beer and lets talk.

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