STB #19 – Rhode & Schwarz RTB2004 Scope unboxing and initial impressions plus first use

My new scope has finally arrived!

My initial impressions are positive. Initially the probes seems a bit disappointing however once I got the calibrated they seem to work very well. It’s taking a bit to adjust to the different layout and usage paradigm after spending so much time working with Rigol scopes. It’ll take a vit to get used to the touch screen though it’s already proving to be intuitive.

It’s very lightweight; much lighter then my Rigol scope. I have some fear that having on the shelf above the bench will result in a pull on a probe causing it to roll forward and fall onto the bench. The screen is flush with the front of the case so the odds of damaging it are pretty high. I wonder if I can find a screen protector for it? I may need to use the security loop on the back of the scope to anchor it down.

Mike at MikesElectricStuff commented he really dislikes the detents on the rotary encoders. I’m still undecided. I can say that the lack of velocity sensitivity on the encoders feels like a miss.

Unboxing and initial impressions video……

Probe calibration and function generator tomfoolery….

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