Who is this Grey beard?

I’m a self taught electronics technician, engineer, programmer and general geek. My career saw time at National Semiconductors where I worked on EPROMs and DRAMs. I spent time with Intel and eventually found my way to the Pacific Northwest in the late 90. I worked for Microsoft for over a decade before settling into a position with a local school district.

Over my career I’ve spent time as an:

  • Electronics Technician
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Parametric Test Engineer
  • Functional Test Engineer
  • Programmer / Developer – Form the 8080/Z-80 in assembly to the DEC PDP and VAX series in Pascal, Fortran and c. I’ve written libraries in x386 protected mode, App’s in c, VBasic and C++, coded in T-SQL from light query work to ETLs.
  • I’ve been called a DBA but really don’t consider myself a DBA
  • Team Lead, Technology Lead and Team Manager

I’ve been involved in a few startup’s you’ve probably never heard of.

I’ve designed hardware, manufactured and sold it along with the drivers / app software to support it.

My ‘goto’ language is c. Whatever language I’m working in ultimately I’m translating from c in my head to whatever language I’m working in.