In the shadow of the electron….

Behind the technology I love is the humble electron. Without the electron we wouldn’t have electronics. Without electronics we wouldn’t have computers and the world of technology that pervades the modern world. My passion is vintage electronics, vintage┬átest gear, vintage computers. In my world the more obsolete the better.

In this blog I plan to introduce you to some of the old tech in my collection. I plan to take you on the journey as I find my next piece of vintage kit, my next vintage computer, my next obsession.

I also embrace new technology. I’ve recently upgraded the equipment on my bench with modern gear. A JBC soldering station, Rigol lab gear and other wonders of modern times.

At my core is an artist, a programmer, an engineer, a technician, a dreamer. I hope to share all of these with you in my writing and projects on this site.

In the next few weeks I’ll talk about using the MicroChip PIC32 to produce tight timing loops. I’ll be sharing simple drivers I’m writing to drive various displays using the PIC32. I could download a library but I’d rather start from scratch, I’d rather start with a datasheet then go on roll my own. For me the fun is in making it work, in writing the code, in digging deep into the datasheet, in time spent with my oscilloscope looking at timings, pulses and bit patterns.

I’ll also take you on my journey as I restore a Radio Shack Model I, we’ll look at some of my old lab gear, do tear downs and hopefully see the gear in action.

I’m hoping you’ll bookmark my site and check back often as I start this journey.